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Algerian Journal of Chemical Engineering

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Algerian Journal of Chemical Engineering is an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to pure and applied Chemical Engineering. AJCE publishes Original Research Articles, Short Communications, Review Articles, E-book, and Chapter Book in all aspects of Chemical Engineering and related fields in the English Language. 


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25th December, 2020

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24th December, 2020



Published by:
Department of Process Engineering and Petrochemistry, Faculty of Technology, University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar, El-Oued, Algeria

Volume 01, Issue 01, 2021

01(01), 2021

Original Article
Study of effect of tin on the electrochemical properties of cycled PbSn alloys of lead-acid battery Toufik Dilmi, Abdehamid Guelil, Achour Dakhouche alloy; corrosion; semiconductor; acid battery; Thickness.

Original ArticleOriginal Article
Microwave assisted preparation of onion skin activated carbon: Application for removal of tetracycline Y. Ait Ouaissa, A. Djbrouni, S. Chabani, M. Chabani, A. Amrane, A. Bensmaili Adsorption; Activated carbon; Tetracycline; Microwave.

Original ArticleOriginal Article

Review Article
Magnetic nanoparticles for the Removal of Heavy Metals from industrial wastewater: Review Z. AKCHICHE, A. B. ABBA, S. SAGGAI Heavy metals; Wastewater; Magnetic particles; Nanoparticles; Iron Oxide;

Review Article Original Article


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